About our company

InsuranceMarket is a service of Pinet Informatics, Nigeria‘s first Internet Service Provider (ISP), founded in May 1995. Pinet has brought many innovative solutions to the country which has earned it many awards, including the recent one, a Merit award from the Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), for pioneering Internet service provision in Nigeria. InsuranceMarket is another innovative solution from Pinet, which aims to revamp the way Insurance business is transacted in Nigeria.

InsuranceMarket ‘s objective is to completely transform the insurance Industry and position it as a major contributor to the Nigerian economy, moving its contribution to the nation GDP from less than 1% to a more befitting level. It aims to do to the Insurance industry what Interswitch Limited and Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) Plc did to the Banking Industry, creating Information Technology platforms for the industry operators to do business with their customers in a most convinient and cost effective way.

InsuranceMarket, built with the most advance technology, is guaranteed to increase patronage of insurance products and exponientially grow the industry, by making it more convinient and cost effective for customers to make purchases. Customers can now buy insurance products on their computers and mobile phones and pay with credit/debit cards. More importantly, customer ‘s confidence is sure to be grossly enhanced through unprecidented transparency brought to the industry by InsuranceMarket, through a number of features including provision for customers to compare prices and review comments about insurance companies and products before buying. The era of some Insurance companies not paying geniue claims is gradually getting over; as such companies would be exposed through customers review on the InsuranceMarket and may also be de-enrolled from the market.

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