How to Buy

To buy insurance cover or salvage, please follow the following steps

1. Search for the product of interest by any of the following methods

a. Enter the name of product of interest in the search box at the top of the page

b. Click on related category of the product of interest

c. Check the feature service section

2. You may compare prices or read reviews about the product and the vendor in the product section or in the blog

3. When your mind is made up of what product to buy and from which vendor, fill the order form available on the product page (for non-auction products) and click “Add to cart”. For auction products (salvages), please follow the instruction on the screen.

4. Based on the assertions you made in the order form, the premium calculator calculates your premium instantly and place the order in your cart. You may choose to continue to shop for more products or pay for the orders in your shopping cart

5. To pay for orders in your shopping cart Click on “My cart” at the top of the page

6. Click on “View my cart” to review the content of your cart or “Checkout” to pay

7. Make payment with your credit/debit card or other payment methods made available

8. Check your email for notification sent to you by the vendor indicating the status of your order, each time there is a change of status, the vendor sends you an email. Always remember to also check your spam box if the mail did not appear in your inbox.

9. The vendor may and may not want to confirm the assertions you made when you filled the order form by calling you on phone or paying you a visit

10. If the vendor is satisfied about your assertions, an insurance policy would be issued to you by the vendor. The policy may be delivered to you by email or post or any other means prefered by you

11. If the during investigation, the vendor finds something different from the assertions you made in your order form, which requires that you pay additional money to the ones you paid when placing your order, an email would be sent to you indicating how much more to pay and how to pay it. If you had overpaid at the time you placed your order, an email will also be sent to you by the vendor to inform you how much you have overpaid and how to get a refund.

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