Notes for first time users

First tme users wil find the following notes valuable. It will certainly make your buying experience real fun.

a. You can search for desired products by 1. Using our search facility located at the top of the page 2. Browse through the category section 3. Checkout the featured services section

b. The premium to pay, for some of the products, are displayed as zero Naira. When you fill the corresponding forms, the system determines your premium based on the information you provide.

c. After filling the product form and adding the product to cart, the system allows you to continue to shop for more products. You can add products from diffenferent vendors to cart and make payment at once. To pay for products that have been added to cart, please click on "Cart" located on the top right corner of the page and click on "Checkout".You can now pay with Visa, MasterCard, Verve or Freedom cards.

d. After successfully placing order on InsuranceMarket, the vendors of the products you paid for may call or visit you for further consultation, if found necessary, before sending your policy documents. Vendors shall send Policy documents by email and/or courier without undue delay.

e. If you need help about a particular product, please contact the vendor of the product directly using the communication tool on the product page and for help on how to navigate InsuranceMarket website please do not hesitate to contact InsuranceMarket Customer Service.

Enjoy your time on InsuranceMarket

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