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A standard fire policy provides insurance cover against the following perils:-

  1. Fire (limited cover)- limited by the exclusions stated in the policy.
  2. Lightning (unlimited cover)- lightning damage from any source, whether accompanied by rain or not is covered.
  3. Explosion (limited cover)- limited to the cover provided in the policy. For instance, explosions arising from gas used for commercial purposes e.g. oxy-acetylene gas used for welding and explosion arising from any gas works used for domestic purposes, lighting or heating the building is not covered.

It must be noted here that the standard fire policy covers the following losses which may be incidental to fire although there must be actual fire before cover can be allowed.

  1. Property damaged by water or other extinguishing agents used in extinguishing the fire.
  2. Property that may be destroyed or blown up to prevent fire spread.
  3. Damage done by fire brigade in an attempt to extinguish or contain the fire.
  4. Damage to property occasioned by falling walls or part of a building in which fire occurrence has taken place.
  5. Smoke damage if preceded by fire. No cover if there was no fire as defined in the policy e.g. malfunctions of lantern or gas lamps.
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